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Blues @ Similarly-Named Team GDT

After a weekend visiting the weaker conference on the East Coast the Blues are back in the Central Division for two straight nights beginning today in Columbus and then home versus Nashville.

The No. 1 issue for the Blues tonight is the starting goaltender. Issue 1A is seven defensemen. I'm sure when the pregame show begins shortly on Fox Sports Midwest we'll confirm that Jaroslav Halak is getting the start despite backup Ty Conklin recorded the franchise's first shutout Sunday night at Madison Square Garden and the fact that the Blues travel tonight and play Thursday at home. But there are indications that Halak gets the start. So we'll see.

According to the Post Dispatch's Dan O'Neill, who I'm fairly certain isn't a Chiliean miner, the Blues are not getting David Perron back and will once again play seven defensemen. Head coach Davis Payne said in the article today that seven gives the coaching staff the ability to play the blueliner best fit for each situation and not plug players in where they don't fit based on who's turn it is to hop over the boards. I get that and the fact that Perron isn't faking concussion symptoms. But they need more scoring and it doesn't feel like another defenseman is going to help that.

This is the first game of the season against Columbus who is 8-5-0 on the season, just four points back of the streaking Blues. They've scored 32 goals and allowed 32 goals. That seems symmetrical or something.

Well that's that. We're busy putting the paper together for Thursday night's game against the Thrashers. So I wouldn't guarantee seeing much of us in the comments or a wrap-up after, but we'll see.

Anyone new to the site, please jump in the comments. We have a fun time during games, especially contests on the road. We like fresh blood, just remember to at least try to bring some funny. And just watch what happens when a goal is scored. It's pretty cool.

And just because:

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