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f-you friday. straight up blind with rage.

Ever been so mad you feel like you're going blind?


Are you ready?

1. Fuck you freak accidents. I had the luck to get to listen to Blues assistant coach Brad Shaw talk for about an hour this week and while I was fascinated listening to him talk about the art of coaching, some of his tidbits he gave us were just as interesting. One of them happened to be about one of the players he thinks is one of the hardest workers he's ever come across in his years in the hockey. T.J. Oshie, he said, is the guy who can never stop working, never stop trying to improve, never stop learning. He described Oshie as one of those guys you have to kick off the ice an hour after practice has ended because the equipment guys need to pack up his gear and they're getting worried they'll all miss the plane.

Shaw went on to say that not only is his work ethic and his desire unparalleled, but also that his understanding of the game and the full-bore yet nuanced way he plays the game is something that simply can't be taught.

So, as hard as the freak broken ankle Oshie suffered is killing us fans, you know it is tearing the kid up. How do you get mad at a freak accident you ask? Trust me, I'm finding a way. I like to tell my kids that it's not worth worrying about what's fair and what isn't because we can usually control our own outcomes if we work hard enough. In this case, however, shit really isn't fair.

2. Fuck you competitors. I'll keep this vague, but if you want to go around making up lies and talking shit about me, go right ahead. All that tells me is that I have got you running scared, you little bitch. Here's some more advice for you: Stay scared. Because I'm coming for you now. Hide your kids, hide your wife. Better hide your husband too.

It's F-You Friday, do your damage in the comments.