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Wednesday links: Ready for Detroit edition

David Backes is awfully casual.
David Backes is awfully casual.

These kids haven't been afraid of the Red Wings in years past. That's a good thing. Hopefully the Blues, and Jaro, get back on track tonight.

Blues news

  • It's Blues (9-4-3) vs. Detroit (11-3-1) in the D. Game starts at 6:30 p.m. St. Louis time. Get ready. [Blues]
  • The Blues are trying to get back on track. [CBS Sports]
  • Brad Boyes may be heating up. Brad Boyes may be the streakiest player in NHL history—when he gets hot, he will go on a crazy run. That's what he did in his 40-goal year. [StlToday]
  • A look at the past (and present) of the Blues. [The Fourth Period]
  • The phone book, you know that thing that was made obsolete about a decade ago, has Jaroslav Halak on the cover.[Blues]
  • Good bye Nick Drazenovic, hello T.J. Hensick. [PJ Star]

Hockey news

  • Paul Bissonnette, better knows and BizNasty, is pretty awesome. He's funny and honest—a great interview. [Gross Misconduct]
  • Justin Bourne imagines what it's like to be Gregory Campbell, son of the administrator of the Wheel of Justice. [Puck Daddy]
  • Colin Campbell is invincible. [TSN]
  • The Kings have placed Happy Poni (Alexei Ponikarovsky) on IR and have sent Brayden Schenn to the AHL for conditioning, instead of sending him to juniors. [TSN]
  • Andrei Markov is going to be out a while with a knee injury. [ESPN]
  • Ladies and gentlemen: The League of Extraordinary Stat guys. [Behind The Net]
  • Derek Zona breaks down the diamond penalty kill. [The Copper and Blue]

Other links

  • From NatetheGreat: A man asks for free stuff. Sometimes he's lucky. It's amazing what you can do with a book of stamps. [The $39 Experimen]
  • In college, everyone was all about Sparks. The g-men freaked out and made them change the product. Now the "it' drink is Four Loko—a shit ton of booze mixed with caffeine in a 24 oz. can. Here are some stories of folks enjoying Four Loko. [Four Loko Stories]
  • Ever heard of purple drank? No, not grape Kool-Aid (that's purple drink). Purple drank is some cough syrup that will get really fucked up. Learn more here! [Sloshspot Blog]
  • This website is trying to see if someone can draw the internet. Surprisingly, I don't see a lot of porn. (It's safe for work ... It's mostly kids' art). [Can you draw the internet?]


Ian has some advice the Blues, and the Blues fans: Keep your head up.

It's Red Wings day today. If you can't get up for that, I don't want to be your friend. This is still my favorite video on the internet. The tears taste so good.