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Name The Answer Dog 2.0's Sugar Glider!


Thanks to our new friends at Sugar Gliders R Us ( we have a new member of the Answer Family.  You got that right GT/Answer Nation.  The big bad North Co. Bootie Thrillah got Answer Dog 2.0 a sugar glider for his 4th birthday.  I am in a wrinkle though.  I have no idea what to name this little cutie.  Didn’t want to go with Poozle or Brewer, too cliché.  I also figured it would be a fun early season type activity for us GT Heads.  Like when Stempniak was looking for a really bitchin’ nickname. We need to have a killer name for this thing.


Here’s the deal, I am willing to gamble this little fella’s fate too.  Phyllis (Answer Mom’s BFF and my mortal enemy) can’t stand the thing.  She says it has "crazy eyes" and it is a "devil rat".  Well I think she is a "piece of shit".  I do love the fact it bothers her and it isn’t a rat.  It is a marsupial.  I made a deal with the devil herself over the fate of the little guy (don’t tell Answer Dog 2.0).  I told her we’d get rid of it if the Blues don’t make the playoffs this year.  I am that confident in the team.


So here’s the rub peeps.  In the next week please e-mail your suggestions to STLGTAnswerMan (a) and/or hook it up on Twitter at GTAnswerManNoCo with your suggestions.  I will be picking the best name and will announce the winner in one week right here at GT.  The winner will get an automatic bid into the Answer Man Crew (aka AMC), a shirtless chest bump and a claim to fame unfelt by no one else.  So get your creative on and let me know what hell we should name this beauty.  He shall remain nameless for one more week.  I have included some action shots for inspiration (he’s already a Blues fan as you can see).  Go Blues!