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Streaky Brad Boyes Leads Blues Over Senators

The season where Brad Boyes crossed the 40-goal line, he tended to score in bunches. The next season when he kept above 30 goals on the season, he tended to score in bunches. Last year when he scored 14, he tended to avoid scoring in bunches. This season, it appears he's gone back to the scoring in bunches. Thank God.

The Blues got down early 1-0 to the Ottawa Senators Friday night in St. Louis. And then the Blues cranked up their intensity and scored a deluge of goals in the second period, three goals in less than 90 seconds to be more accurate. Boyes pounced on a rebound and buried the puck in an empty net for his fifth of the season, his fourth in four straight games. Eric Brewer scored his first, Carlo Colaiacovo scored his third. Ty Conklin played strong for much of the game allowing two goals he probably should have saved, but they came early and late, sandwiching five St. Louis goals for a 5-2 win. 

You could make the argument that the Senators are a reeling team, still dealing with assistant coach Luke Richardson's teen-aged daughter's suicide from a week ago. This is their third straight blowout loss. So maybe the Sens were just the kind of team the Blues needed after a rough couple of weeks.

And we can't ignore the fact that the Blues have played well against the Eastern Conference even when they were in the cellar of their own conference. So a middling team from the other side of the league might struggle here anytime. But as the saying goes, a win is a win is a win.

But let's not stand around sucking each others' popsicles just yet. The Devils are in town Saturday night. And something tells me if the Blues enjoy this one too much and shit the bed Saturday night, few will remember the excitement from tonight.