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Tickets! Tickets! Who Needs Tickets? You Got Your Tickets, Sir?

If there's any one common theme we've noticed among the readers of this site (aside from Brewer is fine/Brewer is terrible and the Blues are fine/the Blues are terrible) it's that an awful lot of you would like to attend games more frequently than you are able. Sometimes it's the logistics of getting to the game, but more often than not, financially it's a strain.

Well, consider us your new favorite scalper.

Through a partnership between SBN and TiqIQ, we can now offer you the ability to price shop tickets for any section in the building for any game at the DrinkScotch Center. On top of that, you can also search for Blues tickets at away games, so if you're making a roadie through the northeast and want to see the Blues a couple times, we can help you with that. Or if you're one of our many fans who no longer live near St. Louis, no need to go down and get taken advantage of by the scalpers at Staples Center, you can buy them safely online through our site.

Behold the wonder by clicking the button at the top of the page labeled 'Tickets' (crafty title, no?) and visit the Game Time Ticket Center. Not only can you get all of your tickets there, many for below face value, but the ability to research all kinds of data about the games you're interested in attending, including:

  • Current average price of tickets in any given TiqZone of the arena.
  • Complete pricing history, from the day tickets went on sale to today, of tickets in any TiqZone, allowing so you can see if the trend is showing it's a good time or bad time to buy your tickets.
  • The weekly change in the price of the tickets.
  • The percentage above or below face value a ticket currently costs.
  • A color-coded icon that tells you if a ticket is a good deal, a bad deal or a neutral deal.
  • A way to track which games are the ones that everyone knows will be worth going to see, even if the cost is a little higher than average (chart below). 



Frankly, we are approached by SBN and by outside vendors on various promotions and opportunities all the time. Usually the easiest way to decide on whether we should do it or not involves one test question: Does this benefit our readers?

In this case we felt like it was a resounding yes. We wish we could offer you all free tickets to every game just so we'd know that we'd be surrounded by friends for every home game, but until Brad Lee hits the Lotto, that just isn't going to happen. This, however, might just be the next best thing. Please give this a try the next time you need tickets and please leave us any feedback on the experience; we'd love to hear how it goes.