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Tuesdays With Hildy: What're You Most Thankful For?

As I sit here on a day off (I'm thankful for being a county employee!) with no hockey until tomorrow, and with the Blues having played a little better the past few days, I figured now would be as good of time as any to reflect on what we, as Blues fans, are thankful for. Add to the list in the comments - I'm pretty sure that we can get the list to be fairly long - we're fortunate to be fans of a team that give us something - anything - to be thankful for.


  1. We're not the Islanders/Devils/Oilers - we've been there and done that, thank God. All out of our systems - right?
  2. We grabbed one of the good AHL turned NHL coaches, even if he is more preoccupied with when the teams' W2 forms are coming out.
  3. That it was only members of our solid defensive corps that were hurt. I mean, imagine if our top point producer got knocked out for three months with a broken ankle or something weird like that? And if our other top offensive player "faked a concussion" for a month? How awful would that be? Oh.
  4. Having an actual goaltender who doesn't allow soft goals - or at least ones that he doesn't score on himself.
  5. Having a 8-0-1 home record so far this season. Whooda thunk it, considering how putrid they were at Drinkscotch last season?
  6. The guys all being over 18 - I'm sure there are some puck cougars breathing a sigh of relief somewhere.
  7. The fact that our snazzy third jerseys have sparked a trend (see: the Wild(s), the Panthers', and soon to be the Blue Jackets')
  8. That any overblown expectations from last season are gone and not all up in our guys' heads.
  9. Brad Boyes has finally figured out what that gaping net at the other end of the ice is.
  10. Eric Brewer's letting us use our happy/badass Bender .gifs again.
  11. Sir Jax and his awesome "pfffft - dumbass" stare might be coming back tomorrow night.