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Blues @ Predators GDT

While you're out probably drinking beer and meeting women and risking long term disease and palimony, the Blues travel to Music City tonight to take on the Predators.

The most noteworthy thing is the expected return of Barret Jackman to the lineup. He's been out for awhile with a knee injury. He's only been in 10 games this season, his ninth in the NHL. Didn't he just win the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year? Time flies, friends. Smell the roses while ye may.

I know and you know that whatever I write in this space, you're not going to talk about it. So let's see, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I know some people like the yams or sweet potatoes. They look gross. Never tried them. Never will. For me, the stuffing is where it's at. Some gravy on top, bits of turkey. A dab of mashed potatoes -- but not too much. It's heaven.

And with pie, you can keep your pumpkin, your pecan. Give me a nice lemon meringue or cherry anytime. You?

This is your game day thread. Dig in. Come back for seconds.