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Happy Thanksgiving from GT

In lieu of another played out "here's what we're thankful for" posts (hint: the answer is always "hockey is awesome!") we're gonna stick with our own GT tradition for holidays and post the worst rap song we can find about said holiday. Who can forget the Gobble Gobble, Shake it Shake it video of two years ago? And what of Soup Tureen (Soup Soup Tureen) being rapped by a human version of Poochie the Dog?

For today we present a pro-turkey rap that shows us all, exactly, why people hate vegans:


Hopefully you've been inspired enough to do like Carnie did last year and stand up in front of your family and friends and give a toast to Game Time. Seriously, that's the kind of shit we're really thankful for. You all are straight crazy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.