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Blues @ Hockey Cowboys GDT

Hello, Jon Hamm. Look for more GT stickers tonight in Dallas.
Hello, Jon Hamm. Look for more GT stickers tonight in Dallas.

After a day spent shopping and gorging on leftovers—mmmm mashed potatoes—it's good to spend the night plopped down on the couch and watching hockey. Thankfully, the NHL schedule maker has generously given us a Blues' game tonight.

The Blues remain on the road and tonight find themselves deep in the heart of Texas. Riding a three-game winning streak (Detroit game? I don't remember a Detroit game.), the Blues will be taking on the Dallas Stars.

Tonight will be the second time the Blues and Stars have met up this season, with both meetings taking place in Texas. Back in October, Dallas beat the Blues 3-2 in a shootout.

Dallas is 11-8-1, but is 7-3-1 at home. Maybe they get fired up by the fans yelling "STARS" loudly during the National Anthem. Whatever it is, this won't be a gimme for the Note.

Jaroslav Halak is supposed to get the start in net for the Blues. Let's hope he does well and earns a start tomorrow ... against these same Dallas Stars. That's right, friends, the Blues are playing a home-and-home with Dallas so get ready to really, really hate Steve Ott.

Your mission tonight is to look for GT stickers behind the Blues bench. Brado lives in Texas and has promised Gallagher he will try and get some GT love on the airwaves. He's the one with the Oshie for Prez sign (I think). Let's hope it works.

This is you GDT. Do the damn thing.