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Stars @ Blues GDT

After a loss like last night, I have a feeling the Blues want to get back on the ice as soon as possible. Thankfully—it is the season of thanks—the Blues will have a chance to do just that tonight at the friendly confines of the Scottrade Center.

In case you missed last night, the Blues led 2-1 in the third period before giving up a shortie to Jamie Benn and a one-time to Mike Ribeiro. Not good times. Dallas 3, Blues 2.

The Stars are in St. Louis tonight. Remember last night when I told you Dallas was really good at home? Well they're awful on the road. OK, 4-5-1 isn't AWFUL, but it's not good. Meanwhile, the Blues are 8-0-1 at home. After sucking massively last season, home is pretty sweet this year.

What to watch for tonight: Will anyone someone else besides Andy McDonald score? He had the lone goal (and the shooutout tally) against Nashville and potted two Friday night. He's en fuego, but someone—anyone—has to step up. Please.

Last night got awfully chippy and tonight should be more of the same. These two teams don't really seem to like each other. Eric Brewer fought last night and last year against these Stars.

No word on who is in net. Ty Conklin may have to suit up, but Davis Payne might try and put Jaroslav Halak back out there. Either way, the goaltending shouldn't be a problem. The problem is scoring. The Blues need it.

This is your Game Day Thread. Saturday threads tend to be kind of quiet. Yes, friends, that's a challenge.

Mount up.