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Monday links: Let's all go back to work edition

I hate Mondays after holiday weekends. I know I'm not alone in this.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Nashville is having some trouble scoring. And when I say Nashville, I don't just mean the Predators. [On the Forecheck]
  • This is why blogs are awesome: They get down to the important things. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • A look at point projections. The Blues are picked to be fifth based on the numbers. [Defending Big D]
  • NHL officials don't have to face the music. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Blues killer Chris Stewart has a broken hand. [TSN]
  • Chris Chelios won't quit. He's in talks with the KHL. Cheli is 48. [TSN]

Other links

  • You know what the holidays mean? Seasonal beer. [Bullz Eye]
  • I will admit that this is pretty stupid, but it made me laugh: Find out your Batman name. [EPICponyz]
  • This is sponsored by phone company, but it's still worthy. Don't be a dick with your phone. [CENTER OF PHONE ETIQUETTE]
  • Have you seen this ninja? [Boing Boing]


Leslie Nielsen died Sunday at the age of 84. Dude was funny and had great timing.

That's it for the links today. gametimelinks(at)