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Wednesday links: Dealing with a surprising lack of news edition

Not a lot going on in the land of the Blues today.

Blues news

  • The Blues' TV ratings are soaring thanks to the hot start. Just imagine how high they'd be in Dish Network wasn't run by morons. [Blues]
  • From Cross Check Raise: Davis Payne is in favor of being able to challenge calls. [Twitter]

Hockey news

  • From CCR: A tribute to goalie masks. [NY Times]
  • Japers takes a look at its young goalies, Semyon Varlamnov and Michal Neuvirth, through the first 29 games of their careers. [Japers' Rink]
  • Mike Modano is, shockingly, struggling in Detroit. He could've ended his career on that awesome note in Dallas and Minnesota, instead he went to Detroit and is pulling a Wilie Mays. [Defending Big D]
  • Jewels From the Crown tries to guess the goalie rotation of the Kings. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Puck Daddy counts down the Western Conference goal celebration routines. [Puck Daddy]
  • Dion Phaneuf was dealing with boo birds, and now he's dealing with a leg injury. [TSN]
  • Former Devil Bobby Holik, who took a fat contract and did jack shit, says Ilya Kovalchuk's fat contract is to blame for the Devils' woes. [TSN]
  • Zach Parise is going to miss three months. Ouch. [TSN]

Other links

  • From dvdvrhs: It's Movember again. Raise money for charity by not shaving. That's a win. [Movember]
  • The 100 most controversial tweets of all time. Basically, famous people being racist/homophobic or just plain dumb. It's fun to laugh at others. [Complex]
  • This might be the coolest rape van of all time. It's so cool it might not even be a rape van, but a cool van. [Uncoached]
  • A quiz for you on: Can you name these bands depicted in icon form. [The High Definite]


If Louie would just wear some pants, I might be a little more fond of him. Maybe.

That's for today from the links. Please send videos and stuff to gametimelinks(at) Or else, more Louie videos.