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Blues @ Insensitive Native American Nicknames GDT

Welcome to a battle of the backup goaltenders tonight at the United Center. Corey Crawford is trying to win his fourth straight and the the Hawks' third in a row while Ty Conklin will be looking to get the Blues back in the winning column. Can you feel the electricity?

The Blues are 1-01 against the Hawks so far this year with six goals four and five goals against. One area the Blues need to work on against Chicago: getting on the power play. In two games, the Blues have one power play goal on only four chances with a man advantage. They have All-Star game refs for those two?

One interesting thing to watch for, a group of 50 Blues fans took the train to Chicago with our friend Angella, the Blues web team, Jim Hayes from Fox Sports Midwest and Blues CEO Mike McCarthy. Our man on the corner next to City Hall, John, said he bumped into a group of the fans at Dirt Cheap early this morning as they were loading up on beer for the trip. They also had a number of old issues of Game Time with them with the full-page Blackhawks Suck! signs. That would be nice to get that on TV, especially on Versus, the semi-national, semi-basic cable "network" showing the game tonight (which means no Center Ice or Game Center Live coverage, for what it's worth).

You know what we think of Captain Serious and Patty Kane. Keep that in mind as you comment. One word: if anyone from Second City Hockey stops by or you take the EL over to their place, I'm not saying be nice but at least try to interact without playing the "TROLL!" or "FUCK YOU!" cards during the first five minutes. That's all I'm saying. But their site is more like our site than a lot of hockey sites affiliated with us.

This is your game day thread. Comment like it's personal. Because it is. I'm fairly certain Brent Seabrook wants to make sweet love to your mother.