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You Write The Comedy: Dealing With A Blowout

There's one second. Don't take two to score.
There's one second. Don't take two to score.

What do you want us to do when the Blues lose 7-5 at Chicago, try to give some tips to Ty Conklin? Talk him out of wearing a Blues Brothers-themed mask in their hometown? Suggest that allowing three power play goals on five man advantages is a recipe for a disaster?

Look, the Blues didn't play horrible for stretches in the game, but Chicago is relentless. They swarm the net. They pounce on loose pucks. Patrick Sharp loves to beat the Blues. And that's that. So instead of dwelling on all that shit, on a game that the Blues looked competitive but the Hawks were at times toying with them, I thought it might be the right time to bring back the You Write The Comedy. It's a screen capture from Saturday night's loss at Dallas with one of our commenters and his buddy behind the Blues bench. What are the players looking at? What's Davis Payne saying? Be creative. There are no winners, but there are losers.