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NASCAR Hockey @ Blues GDT

There's a reason tonight's game against the Carolina Hurricanes is on a Saturday night because there's a 0.0 percent chance this game approaches a sellout on a weeknight.

Any Hurricanes fans that might stop by between replays of the Talledega NASCAR races this year, I apologize for what comes next. But I think it's safe to say Carolina is the most damn boring team in the league. They've got one of the Staal boys, two Sutters and a goaltender who peaked at about age 22. And a lot of college basketball fans pissed they're boss didn't give them Duke or North Carolina tickets instead of Hurricanes tickets.

The Blues are on their fourth winning streak of the season. The Canes have fewer wins than any team in the Western Conference. The Blues have been really good at home. It's a nice formula for some holiday cheer on a damn cold night in St. Louis.

This is your game day thread. Every comment will make you a little warmer on the inside.