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Road Music: 12/15 @ Detroit Red Wings

This is one of those games that the Blues shouldn't need any help getting "up" for: An always-important divisional game against the much-hated Detwat squad that, once again, finds itself at the top of the Western Conference standings. Wonderful. Unfortunately, the Blues have yet another injury to deal with. Alex Pietrangelo is hurt, and is out for tonight's game. Great. Also, tonight's opponent is coming off of a 51-shot shutout loss to the LA Kings, so they are going to be looking to take out some frustrations in tonight's game. Even Better.

The Blues have dropped to 12th in the West and last in the Central Division. While the Red Wings may want to make a statement with this game, the Blues have one of their own to make: We're still here, and not going anywhere. The Blues are still

Alive And Kicking / Simple Minds

The Enemy. Detoilet has been their usual dominant selves at home, putting up an 11-4-2 record at the Joe. Their scoring is lead by the usual schmucks, Pavel Datsyuk (11G/25A) and Henrik Zetterberg (10G/19A) who are nowadays usually paired together on the same line. Their goaltending is nothing spectacular, but enough to get the job done (apparently), although this won't be enough to prevent a goaltending panic come April. Both netminders have a .910 save percentage, and similar GAA (2.63 for Jimmy Howard and 2.48 for Chris Osgood).

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The puck drops at 6:30 PM St Louis time, since the Blues are on Eastern Time. Drive safely as you rush home for the game. The game is on FSMW for TV, and of course on KMOX for radio. Until then, meet here, give us your best "Fuck Detroit", and share any strategies you may have for the JSelke campaign.

Also i just watched this movie this past weekend, and laughed my ass off. Enjoy a trailer for Grandma's Boy.

Grandma's Boy Trailer (via CaRmElO2008)