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Blues @ Li'l Caesartown GDT

Once again, it's time for the Blues to take the ice against the Red Wings in Detroit, where the Western Conference leaders just don't much care to lose at home. While the Wings are not the focus of the Western Conference in recent times, thanks in large part to that other rival of ours, the Hawks, staking an early claim to the top of the West will certainly help them reclaim their throne, allegedly built out of broken down car parts and held together by the divine power of Steve Yzerman, noted inventor of the sport of hockey. The Blues will endeavor to knock the wheels off by controlling the top scoring duo of Henrik Zetterberg (Is there a "Henrik" in the NHL that Blues fans like? Is Lundqvist a decent guy? I may just have to hate him on principle.) and Pavel Datsyuk. The wearers of the 'Note will also do well to continue their recently found ability to un-clusterfuck themselves on the powerplay. Scoring with the man advantage, according to a recent study I read, helps you win the game.

The Blues will send Jaroslav Halak and his bottle of Jaro Water out to tend goal while Detroit will send Jimmy Howard, as of my last check of Left Wing Lock.

You can look at this as "just another game" like Joe noted in the Links, but I'm still going to have the booze flowing early and often to fuel my rage at "Hockeytown."

Tonight's "Is PCS already drunk" prediction: Blues win 2-1 behind a strong effort from Jaro and a GWG from the 4th line. I'll go all the way crazy and say it'll be Cracknell.

This is your GDT. Take a shot with your first comment and keep a beverage handy throughout. Let's go Blues!