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Blues Lose To Detroit: Those Aren't Empty Seats You're Seeing

Some quick notes before I dive back into working on tomorrow's issue of the game day paper:

  • Bernie Federko and everyone else can say that the Blues worked hard and really deserved better and that's all fine and well. Take away those three post-ringers and stick them in the net and yes, we have a different result. You can also say that there was a lot of good hard work out there, especially considering how many of these guys in the Bluenote should be playing in Peoria and I will agree with you - hard work was clearly evident. The problem is that the remaining players who are expected to be leading the way, especially offensively, just aren't ringing the bell. At one point in the third I figured I must have missed the part where Brad Boyes got hurt too, because I hadn't seen him in hours. David Backes was far from invisible, but while the banging and crashing was nice, big man has to make more of his offensive chances: don't always think pass first and make the most of those shots you are getting. That chance on Jimmy Howard on the 2-on-1 was hardly a challenge.
  • Erik Johnson is hurt. Well, I guess we all should have seen that coming, right?
  • You just can't give the Red Wings that many chances on the power play, because they're going to pop in a couple, especially when you're playing down a defenseman.
  • Tomas Holmstrom should be ashamed of himself for that weak-shit dive. Your ribs hurt? No shit? Everyone's ribs hurt. The refs should be ashamed when they see that replay and see what they called.
  • You know Jaroslav Halak wants that first goal back.
  • Hope Carnie got to meet Ian Cole's family and Adam Cracknell's family, both of which were in the stands. I also hope she didn't go to jail for gouging some Wing fan's eyes out.
  • Also can't wait to hear the Wing fan justification for the empty seats everywhere tonight. That's 96% full, right? No seriously, lots of people get up for food and whatnot like all game long. Actually, that's a joke: I don't care to hear what you have to say about anything. Thanks though!

A chance to put this one behind us tomorrow against the Kings. Or, if you're a glass half-empty type, another chance for one of our few remaining skill players to get hurt.