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Kings @ Blues Infirmary GDT

I sat and watched in disbelief during the 2002-03 season as one goalie after another went down. Seven goalies total ended up manning the crease (Where have you gone Reinhard Divis?) before the Blues ended up making the playoffs anyway. In an unrelated note, I believe Cody Rudowsky is on the side of my carton of milk. Wonder how he's doing?

Even in 2008-09, they dealt with that damned golf cart to EJ, the emo of Manny, the lack of Andy McDonald, TJ Oshie, and Paul Kariya for lengths at a time. And yet, they still made it into the fight for the Stanley Cup.

If one were to combine those seasons, we might be looking at something comparable to the laundry list of those missing in action. The IR is damn near showing a better roster than the team on the ice at this point. Bouncing back from losses, injuries, and all manner of adversity is something this team is going to need to do in heavy doses if the fight for the cup is to include the Blues. Shaking off the funk from Detroit would be a good step in getting closer.

Hell, who am I kidding? Just don't let anyone get hurt, hockey gods. I'm all for drowning my sorrows but with it being this close to Christmas, I'll make egg nog my drink of choice with a spare shot of Jack just to be safe.

As for tonight's news and notes, Nik Nikitin is up to play D while Eeej, who still has an unspecified lower body injury, gets scanned and MRI'd. Ty Conklin is in goal for the Blues and Jonathan Quick is in for the Kings.

Welcome to the GDT. Behave as though comments have magical healing powers