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Help Wanted: Link Rat Position Available

Some of you may have missed the news (especially if you're one of those jump-averse type of readers), but there are some changes coming on the online staff here at your favorite Blues site.

Average Joe is, effective immediately, being promoted to an editorial writer for the site. Rather than providing you the Best Links in the Blues Universe (TM) from Monday through Friday, he'll have a much more flexible role on the site. Brad and I are, as the kids are wont to say, super psyched (OK, maybe kids don't say that) to have Joe take a more prominent role on the site. His work has been impeccable here and this seems like the next logical step for him and for us.

Poor College Student is, effective immediately, being promoted to head of the Links team. As such he will expand from Saturday-Sunday duty to the Monday through Thursday shift. He'll be helping out in other ways as well and will likely be seen more and more often in a story writing role. PCS has been a huge addition to our team and we're working with his hectic schedule to get as much of him as possible without making him flunk out.

As you can see, there is a new position available. We are looking for a dependable contributor willing to do the links for us Friday through Sunday. The position is glory-filled and guarantees a nearly-famous reputation on a mostly regional stage. training for the position will be conducted Crash Course style, using the Firehose Method. Average Joe and PCS will conduct the training in a Guantanamo-style setting.

Accept the challenge, won't you? Send me an email at and tell me a bit about yourself and why you want the job.

Oh, and feel free to offer congratulations to both Joe and PCS in the comments. You know they deserve it.