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Aquatic Non-Mammals at St. Louis Blues - Your GDT

So we all know what happened last time the Sharks were in town - something about a hit to David Perron's head or something by some guy whose name rhymes with Blow Hornton. And something about Perron not being able to play since that game. Also, something about Perron being a faker by some Sharks blogger who likely knows nothing about head injuries. Seriously, fuck that guy.

The Sharks come into tonight's action a very respectable 5-3-1 on the month. The key there is that they're probably not letting Dany Heatley drive at any point, which cuts down on injuries to teammates. Well, that's quite nice of them.

Sorry about the quick-and-dirty-ness of this GDT intro, but as you can see, it's a last-minute thing. I'm pinch-hitting for PCS, and you'll likely see me later. Perhaps some folks from Fear The Fin will pop by, and they're generally cool people, so say hello and yell a good Fuck Detroit to them.

Anyway, this is your GDT. Get to work, fuckers! And LET'S GO BLUES!