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Thursday Links: Get back to basics edition

The Blues took Atlanta, a first place team, to task on Tuesday with offensive pressure and solid play in their own zone. Time to see if that type of play can enter into the conversation against the Wings tonight, who usually only have to wait for the Blues to make a couple of boneheaded plays since playing against Detroit brings out all the nerves in the world for those in the Bluenote.

Just play hard and try to minimize the mistakes. That's a reasonable goal, right?

Blues News:

  • Sad news for Blues fans. Mandi's cancer is back. [Puck Daddy]
  • Blues/Wings tonight. On any other day, this takes top priority, but the Schwartz family predicament certainly makes you think about hockey in the context of the rest of your life. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Alex Steen doesn't even take "optional skate" days off. Now I feel like a sucker for sleeping through my neuro class once and feigning a headache. [Post-Dispatch]
  • CCR with the assist on this one: One writer calls bullshit on the rules dictating rookie eligibility, citing Alex Pietrangelo as a prime reason. [Cult of Hockey]

Hockey News:

  • The Blues will not have to account for Pavel Datsyuk, who will out for some time with a wrist injury. [TSN]
  • Most know this section is titled "NHL News" but this asshole hockey parent story deserves mention, even if it's at the kid level. [The Star]
  • THN asks if there's a true franchise goalie right now? Yes, there are. Just because the numbers of Hasek and Brodeur in their prime aren't being replicated doesn't mean that franchise netminders are a thing of the past. [The Hockey News]
  • After Andrew Gordon's smooch the other night, it just makes sense to review the rest of hockey's affection displays in the season of the mistletoe. [Caps Outsider]
  • Biznasty pranked? This will not stand. [Puck Daddy]
  • Pension Plan with a cup that the Leafs are sure to enjoy. [PPP]
  • Speaking of Toronto, the Mad Waffler has been brought to justice. [TSN]

Other Stuff:

  • UWWildthing with a link to the bizarro world of NFL wife foot-fetish videos. BLEARRRGH! [Deadspin]
  • Shopping malls look this way to most everyone. Now you have a map that says so. [Collegehumor]
  • My favorite Simpsons word? Paraplegiorino. [Simpsons Wiki]


Video game humor always gets a chance when I'm at the keyboard. Enjoy "8-bit Ho."

The Blues will try to give the fans an early Christmas gift starting at 7 tonight. Join the GDT or else you'll be part of something inherently less entertaining than one of Game Time's finest Game Threads. Your call.

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