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Merry Christmas from St Louis Game Time


There's only a couple of new things in the hockey world and the only meaningful things have been mentioned in the FanPost section already.

So no linkage today. It's a holiday and should be treated as such: Gratuitous slacking and booze for all. Litter the comments with tales of how your holiday gatherings have gone thus far, be they good or awful, or whatever it is you want to talk about. Hell, the Detroit win is always a good topic.

Keep in mind that Game Time is thankful for each one of you sons o' bitches that reads/worships the home game paper and that Game Time relishes every single last commenter whose thoughtful, swear-filled, and insightful thoughts, FanPosts, and additions to the website make this place one of the best places in all the land to join in and share talk concerning the Blues.

I don't do sentimental very well, so I'll just raise my glass of eggnog to all of you and let you have at it in the comments.

But wait! There's more! After the jump, I'll let you in on what's to come for the Morning Links on Dec. 26.

We've had three worthy candidates throw their names in for consideration to be the next Link Rat. Part All of the interview process will consist of a trial run for each of these poor souls at cranking out a set of Links for a Blues gameday. One person will get the Friday-Sunday shift while one other will be brought on as a backup to make sure SOMEONE gets links done in the event of some sort of Link Rat catastrophe and will be granted writing privileges to the site.

Tomorrow (er, later tonight), BradFlick55 will get his shot at becoming regionally famous as he takes to the keyboard to hit you with some info and some funny (mostly funny) in order to get you prepared to cheer on the Blues against the Nashville Predators.

Good luck to you, Brad. Gallagher should have your permissions to write/edit stories sometime tomorrow.