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Sunday Links: Christmas Hangover Edition

Either Vodka is blocking shots under the influence or the helmet farter has struck again.
Either Vodka is blocking shots under the influence or the helmet farter has struck again.

Happy Return & Exchanges Day! If you're not out at the Rams game or returning that shirt that doesn't fit, you can chill here with me. I've got links to keep you company. Special shout-out to those puking up a rainbow of Christmas cookies and Budweiser this morning.

Blues News

  • Christmas was pretty rad, so we have to balance it out by playing a boring team tonight in the Predators. Game starts an hour earlier at 6 PM. [CBS Sports]
  • As gallagher pointed out yesterday, Petro was tipped by the wand of God. He's gettin' love everywhere. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch] [Montreal Gazette]
  • Davis Payne: He's not Mike Keenan. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Patrik Berglund scored twice in the last game, so he gets the obligatory article about him before he starts slumping again. Hopefully, unlike the rest of the players featured in these things (*cough*BradfuckingWinchester), he stays hot. TechnoViking needs to dance. [BND]

Hockey News

  • Specialty jerseys are no strangers to the minor leagues. The ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers rolled out the best Christmas uniform ever this past week. A great, big, bushy beard! [Icethetics]
  • The ice crew at Heinz Field worked through Christmas on the Winter Classic rink. Check the live webcam and a time lapse video here. []
  • Remember when Osgood couldn't get his 400th win against us? Good times. []
  • Team Canada is out for revenge as the World Junior Championships get underway in Buffalo. [TSN]

Other Stuff

  • Did you get the Ultimate Beer Dispenser yesterday? What? You didn't even ask for it? Have you seen this fucking thing? [Buzzfeed]
  • Don't lie to your kids. Santa ain't real. [CollegeHumor]
  • A drunken man in Winnipeg got shitfaced, hopped on his snowmobile and taunted police officers for Christmas. [CNews]

Sunday Video

Did you know that there's a new hit rap song/dance craze based off the movie Weekend at Bernie's? Yeah, me neither.

That's all for my link rat audition piece. Thanks for the opportunity, GT Staff and I hope you enjoyed my shit, everybody. See you all at the game tonight.