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Chicago Native Americans @ Blues GDT

I'm your secret Santa. Here's your ice dick.
I'm your secret Santa. Here's your ice dick.

The Blues will put their three-game winning streak on the line tonight against the Blackhawks who sport their own four-game win streak. As they say in the pro sports writing biz, somethings gotta give. You could also call this a battle for seventh place in the Western Conference. Can you feel the excitement?

Unfortunately for the guys dressed in Blue, the Hawks are getting healthy for Christmas. They got Marian Hossa back from injury on Sunday and Patrick Kane is expected to be back in action tonight after his vagina healed. Allegedly. So while the Hawks may have felt part of the Blues' pain this season from injury upon injury upon injury, they're suddenly over it.

Can we all agree Marty Turco sucks? Did I even need to put that up for discussion?

The Blues are in the middle of a long home stand where they continue to make the most of their opportunities. They need to be aggressive from the start, control the flow of the action and dictate the game on their terms: tough and physical. Nothing should come easy for the Hawks if the Blues want a win tonight. That's how they beat Detroit last week. That's how they beat Nashville on Sunday. Rinse, repeat.

I don't know if the Blues are going to win this or not, but I do know one thing: Fuck Chicago.

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