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Wednesday Links: Both Blues players named Brad scored a goal edition

How often will I get a chance to use that as a headline?

Blues News:

NHL News:

  • James Wisniewski goes from the Islanders to the Habs. Also, the Montreal blog uses words like "Rearguard" in their titles. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • Naturally, TSN has an opinion and some words about it, too. [TSN]
  • For some reason, time-lapses of field conversions never get old. Enjoy. [Puck Daddy]
  • Darryl Sutter is no longer the GM of the Flame. He still looks like a leprechaun as far as I know, though. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • Emerson Etem: Certainly not a fan of Buffalo. Patrick Kane and Lee Stempniak will have something to say when the kid makes it to the NHL, I'm sure. [Puck Daddy]
  • Sabres have been sold, but it won't be announced until after Juniors. I wish other ownership debacles could be solved so quickly. [Die By The Blade]

Other Stuff:

  • Ralph Wiggum, American hero. [Warming Glow]
  • How to be a criminal. That's actually what this link is about. [The Smoking Jacket]
  • The older generation knows more this than I do, but here's some of the classic-er moments from the Friar's Club Roasts. My knowledge is limited to that late night infomercial. You know the one I'm talking about. [Ego TV]


CCR with a winner. This guy tripped on acid and proceeded to rant. Normal enough, right? But what happens when his rambling is set to animation?

Weidler with a winner as well: The Christmas Remix of the Bed Intruder.

See what happens when you send shit in, people? You get internet glory for at least a day. Maybe even two.

That's all from Links Land. Apologies if a story broke after the 10PM hour and I missed it. I'll be doing them at my regularly scheduled time of late as shit once I'm back from trying to keep up with my family in Florida.

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