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Blues Fall In Edmonton in OT

Sometimes you deserve better than you get. Some notes from tonight's game as topic-starters:

  • So, Edmonton has "The Best Ice in the NHL" right? Then why did it seem like the puck was bouncing and hopping everywhere, players were constantly falling down and the entire game looked sloppy and disjointed? This wasn't just the Blues players, so it wasn't some sort of home-ice advantage where the Oilers players just know the feel of their home ice, because they blew lots of good chances with slips and falls and mis-played pucks too. Sitting at home that ice just looked like shit to me.
  • Um, was there a watch party somewhere in St. Louis tonight? I wish they would have mentioned it more. Stein-something rink maybe?
  • In the last five games the Blues have outshot their opponents every single time. They have hot the net/made the goalie make a save 27, 36, 26, 38 and 32 times in those games and have lost all five of those games, four in regulation. The Blues are doing the right things to score with this so-called injury depleted lineup, but how do you legitimately tell NHL-level players to "keep shooting as much, just do it better."
  • Eric Brewer is making a great case for why the entire NHL should go to one year contracts for every player, no exceptions. Just imagine if every player was in a contract year every year. If only the NHL could get Gene Upshaw back from the dead and somehow get him propped up in charge of the NHLPA....
  • Andy McDonald better not have a concussion - I just can't take more Dave Scatchard Time.

Tomorrow in Vancouver... can the Blues break this streak/start a new streak then?