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Your Late Night Poll: Dealing With Losses

Hockey has too high of a priority in my life. That said, I've gotten better over the years. Now, when the Blues lose my wife no longer says, "This isn't going to ruin everyone's night, is it?"

Instead, I just suck it up, turn off the TV and deal with the loss in my own way, without making everyone else's life miserable too. I usually try to put it behind me by checking out my fantasy hockey team to see if it won or (if the schedule happens to fall that way) go play in my rec league game and hope we win (which is actually the easiest way to put it behind me). If those aren't available or don't happen, I'll fire up the XBox and play a little fakeNHL and whip the shit out of some computer-run team. All that fails? Maybe kick the dog.

I kid, Michael Vick, I kid. I usually just get wasted by myself if none of those other things work. that's better, right? Ruin my own brain rather than a dog's? Sure.

But what about you, late night friend? How do you deal with a Blues loss?