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Wednesday links: Day-to-day with a concussion edition

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What's the deal with all of these concussions? And airplane food?

Blues news

  • Our worst fears are realized: Andy McDonald has a concussion. No word on if it's the Cam Janssen variety or the David Perron variety. [BND]
  • The Blues used their of day to spend some time with sick kids. Warning to the ladies: Picture of David Backes appears in this link.[Blues]
  • Whenever the Board of Governors meet, the media always talks with John Davidson. [NHL]
  • From the "Much Ado About Nothing" department, Darren Pang stumbles over his words and some folks now think he's racist. A homer? Yes. Racist? No. [Puck Daddy]

Hockey news

  • Alex Frolov is not happy playing on the fourth line. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Behind the Net gives out all-time trophies.[Behind The Net]
  • The West is the best ... and really, really tight. [From The Rink]
  • Tyler Seguin is staying in Boston and not going to the World Juniors. [TSN]
  • Patrick Kane will miss a few weeks with an ankle sprain. Kane sprains his ankle, T.J. Oshie breaks his. Life ain't fair. [TSN]
  • Steve Yzerman, much to the chagrin of Red Wings' fans, like Sidney Crosby.[TSN]

Other links

  • An anti-joke is basically a joke with a punchline that you don't expect. Basically, they're awesome. [AskReddit]
  • The year isn't over yet, but here's a salute to the memes of 2010. [Ranker]
  • From Jason: Holy shit, this is a phenomenal. If I ever get arrested, I want the media to have a photo of me looking as awesome as Henry Manns' photo. []
  • Want to know how awesome Louie CK is? He made me laugh at the Jay Leno show. [Warming Glow]


Do people really say "Blah, blah blah" that often? (via)

That's it for the links today. Gallagher has something special for later. Enjoy.