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Friday links: Preparing for the battle of two teams Cupless since 1967

The Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in the spring of 1967. That fall, the Blues joined the NHL. Neither team has won the Cup since then. Neither team is very good this season. It's a wonder why Leafs fans and Blues fans get along so well — although I will always think Nick Kypreos is a piece of shit.

Blues news

  • Blues vs. Leafs tonight. I'm pissed I'm going to be at work for this one. [ESPN]
  • Good bye Dancin' Steve Wagner. Hello Nate Guenin. [Peoria Journal Star]
  • Chris Mason was very bad against the Avalanche on Monday. He was much better on Tuesday against Detroit. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Are the Blues sellers or big sellers is the big question for the team. Also, enjoy the picture on this article of Paul Kariya running for his life. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Jeremy Rutherford chat recap. [STLtoday]
  • Brad Boyes is hoping Mexico will cure him of his scoring woes. Makes sense. I guess. [Toronto Sun]
  • Check out Pension Plan Puppets. They do the whole blogging thing right. Also, notice how they main guys profile pics are Calvin and Hobbes. That makes them awesome. Also, Brad and Sean, you guys should do that. I suggest Batman and Robin. [Pension Plan Puppets]

Hockey news

  • The fight after a clean hit problem is out of control. Stopping it won't be easy. [Japers' Rink]
  • Defensemen look to be on the move at the trade deadline. [ESPN]
  • Dominic Moore has been dealt to the Canadiens for a second-round pick. [TSN]
  • Mike Modano and Mark Cuban may team up to buy the Dallas Stars. That is not a joke. [ESPN]
  • Chris Chelios' DUI charge may be dismissed. [ESPN]
  • Thursday's game produced some results. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Friday's games. [Yahoo! Sports]

Other links


I spent 20 minutes trying to find an embedable version of the uncensored version of this video, but no luck. So enjoy Natalie Portman rapping. Thanks, RFJCC for passing this along.

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