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Come Back For Comment Summit With Pension Plan Puppets

As you probably are well aware and have the date circled on your calendar, it's Lee Stempniak Homecoming Night at the Blues game. St. Louis welcomes Toronto for the first time in...a really long time.

To celebrate seeing our little Dutchie and the Leafs making a rare appearance in St. Louis, we're bringing together the biggest, most raucous, sick and twisted game day thread commenters for Comment Summit '10: Blame NAFTA. What that means is the fine people of Pension Plan Puppets will be welcome invaders during the first period. Then during the second period we pack up the kegs and take the party to their place. Then in the third we'll probably go to our separate corners and talk about how the people from the other site are not the sharpest tools in the tool shed.

So remember to be on your worst behavior. Show them Canadiens Canadians how we do things at Game Time. We'll have the GDT up at 6 p.m. CST. 

And we'll supply all the KY Jelly you could need tonight. You're welcome.