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Scrappy Lee Stempniaks @ Blues GDT

No pressure tonight Blues, but you're playing the team with the lowest point total in the Eastern Conference, the only team to lose to Edmonton in their epic losing streak from mid-December through January. If you blow this game against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight, you may not sell a ticket the rest of the season.

Now I say that they have the lowest point total int he East, not that they are the worst team in the East. After acquiring Dion Phaneuf and John-Sebastien Giguere in recent trades, the Leafs are a better team -- definitely good enough to beat the most inconsistent team in the Western Conference. With the Washington Capitals poised to fucking steamroll the Blues Saturday night, it's the perfect opportunity for the Blues to come out flat, uninspired and fall behind. Sweet!

In case you missed our post two hours ago, tonight will see Game Time and Pension Plan Puppets combine forces for a commenting summit that will bring together the best smartest most out of control commenters in the hockey blogosphere. Everyone will comment here first period. Second period, GO TO PENSION PLAN PUPPETS. Then in the third, come on back and talk shit about the puppets.

We asked the degenerates that run the Web site a few questions for the Game Time paper edition. What follows is some of the best they sent us.

Q. Let's get right to a vital question. How do you feel about Lee Stempniak? You better say you're awful fond of him. We took a liking to him his rookie year. He was the first player we gave a really odd nickname to. He was adored in St. Louis like all small, overachieving scrappy players

A. If Stempniak fought more he'd be God in Toronto. As it stood, he was traded for two kids that were always about to turn a corner. His dogged determination, willingness to get in the corners, and his Dutch heritage was not enough to overcome his lack of scoring. Or the two times he fanned on breakaways and shot the puck into the corner.

Q. The Blues have a pipe dream of making the playoffs. You'd have to be on the pipe to think the Leafs have a chance. Disappointed with where the Leafs are in the standings right before the Olympic break? How close is Toronto to contending for the playoffs next season?

A. As soon as the Leafs were counting on Vesa "Raycroft II" Toskala for their playoff hopes they were sunk. The most disappointing thing was how the team went long stretches without showing any kind of truculence. Since the Dion Phaneuf and JS Giguere trades the team has been revitalised (Editor's note: they Canadianize - sorry, Canadianise -- "revitalized?" Really?) just with the knowledge that they have a goalie at least as good as a Shooter Tutor behind them. I think next year if they aren't in the mix at the very very least I might burn down the ACC.

Q. Brian Burke is kind of a dick. That bother you? I mean, he's your dick. But that's how we tried fooling ourselves when Mike Keenan ran the Blues. What's your confidence level in the guy calling the shots? Is it odd he's American?

A. He's a huge dick. So is Ron Wilson. Both are American but that's really secondary for most Leafs fans. We just want a winner. As long as they deliver no one will care. I have been on board with almost all of his moves so far. He has a proven track record and I'll give him at least a couple of years before I get on the Fire Burkie bandwagon (seriously, there was one before Christmas). One issue is that Burke talks...A LOT...and sometimes it takes him a while to back it up. That makes Leafs fans antsy. If he could either pipe down or act quicker I would appreciate it.

Q. Finally, let's try to find some common ground. How do you feel about the team that calls Detroit home?

A. Fuck Detroit (can I write that? Whatever, fuck 'em). (Editor's note: Silly Canadians.)

Q. One follow-up question. Wendell Clark. Overrated?

A. You're about to get Bruce Bell'd.

Well that was interesting. And hopefully that sets the tenor for the evening. Welcome everyone to the Game Plan Pension Time Puppets game day thread (patent pending). New guys, just follow the old guys and do what they do and fuck some shit up around here. Now get to work.