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Maple Leafs @ Blues Third Period GDT

This is the post for the third period (and anything else) for the Toronto Maple Leafs playing at the St. Louis Blues. This was written at 4:38 p.m. so it's almost like a Choose Your Own Adventure.

- If the Blues are winning:

Sweet! Can't believe how well the Blues are playing. It's nice to see them stepping up against a lower-rung team. I can't wait to see the standings after the game to see how far the Blues are out of the playoffs.Keep the positive vibes going in the comments.

- If the Blues are losing:

Ugh. What the hell is going on? How could the Blues play poorly against the Leafs? Good thing Edmonton isn't here. They'd probably get killed. Wallow in the misery in the comments.

- If the Blues are tied:

Who needs another beer besides me?

This is your third period thread. Break shit.