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Sunday Links: Going into the Olympic break with style Edition

3 straight wins against a big rival, a new-look team after some wheelin' and dealin', and against the #1 team out East is one helluva way to close out the first "half" (OK, the first "two-thirds") of the season.

Blues News:

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


CCR brings us a mosquito getting knocked the fuck out by a laser. In Slo-Mo

And with the NHL taking a 2 week intermission, I'm going for some Raisinettes. How 'bout you?

Averagejoe returns to link-ify all the way to Friday. Send him whatever you think is funny and/or informative to gametimelinks (at)

Stay tuned for Prospect Sundays


Hope you folks enjoyed yourselves. We'll catch you on down the trail.