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Tuesday links: Is it March yet? edition

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Hello there, friends. I'm back today from a weekend spent moonlighting as a flower delivery boy — seriously. It's good to be back. Is real hockey back yet?

Just like in the summer, the links will be on the lean side. If you boss notices an uptick in productivity, well I'm sorry.

Blues news

  • The Blues, of course, go into the Olympic break hot. Will the come out of the break playing well? The players hope so. [USA Today]
  • I think even Brian/Tomorrows Blues would have trouble naming all five former Rivermen playing in the Olympic hockey tournament. [Peoria Journal Star]

Hockey news

  • Plenty of hockey today. We got Team America men vs the Swiss, Team America women vs. the Soviet Union Russia, Canadian men vs. Norway, Finland women vs. the Chinese women and the Russian men vs. Latvia. Damn. [Olympics]
  • Hat tip to CCR, find the games on TV. [NBC]
  • Team America really has no expectations. [LA Times]
  • Want to know the keys for the Yanks? Ryan Miller Ryan Miller, Ryan Miller and Ryan Miller. [ESPN]
  • Second City preview the Olympics. Wanna know what kind of insight you're going to get? "If Dustin Brown, David Backes, and Ryan Kesler are on the same line, it may be the most annoying line to play against in the history of International hockey." It's a good read. [Second City Hockey]
  • Ryan Getzlaf is fine, Jeff Carter is kicked out of the Olympic village. [CTV]
  • Roberto Luongo will start for Team Canada against Norway. [CTV]

Other links

  • In honor of President's Day, here is a list for the ladies: The sexiest American Presidents. No. 1 may surprise some of you. [Nerve]
  • Senior photos are a snapshot of how fucking lame you were in high school. [Sexy Senior Photos]
  • Eleven things you probably didn't know about Natural Light, more commonly known as Natty Light. [11 points]
  • Bacon, hamburgers and hot dogs? Yes, please. Oh and it looks like a turtle, too, if you weren't already sold. [the Chive]


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