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U.S.A. vs. Norway GDT

We had no idea folks around here would really want to hang out and chat during a Team USA hockey game. And then more than 400 comments later, we've changed our minds.

So today at 2 p.m. the Americans and Norwegians face off on the USA network. Sorry, Law and Order, Monk and NCIS fans. The upside is that the channel is in HD a lot of places. The downside? I'll be at work during the game. So I'll have to be in media blackout if I want to not know the outcome beforehand. It worked for the most part on Tuesday despite a text from Chris Gift.

Ryan Miller is expected in goal. David Backes and Erik Johnson played big roles in game one. Let's see if they can do it again.

This is your Olympic game day thread? Figure out what to do with it.