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Friday links: I have Olympic hockey fever edition

Are you kidding me with these games? Every team looks stacked. This is pretty fun.

Blues news

  • Some cool old Blues photos and some really, really ugly Blues prototypes on Uni Watch yesterday. Good stuff. [Uni Watch]
  • This would be a pretty sweet get: Jerseys from the season-opener in Sweden. Marcus, you got $500 for the Berglund sweater? [Blues]
  • The Blues brothers, David Backes and Erik Johnson, are helping out Team America. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Roman Polak, the quiet and steady d-man, is honored to be at the games. [Belleville News-Democrat]

Olympics news

  • Team America dispatches Norway by five goals. Not too bad, boys. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • The Russian is cut! The Slovaks beat the loaded Russians in a great game that was worth staying up for. [CTV]
  • It took a shootout for the Canucks to beat Jonas Hiller ... I mean Switzerland. [CTV]
  • Up next for the State? Team Canada. [ESPN]
  • Canada now appears vulnerable. [ESPN]
  • Thursday's winners: US M (over Norway), US W (over Finland), Canada M (over Switzerland), Russian W (over China) and Slovakia M (over Russia). Friday's games: Belarus M vs Sweden, Czech Republic M vs. Latvia, Finland M vs. Germany. [Olympics]

Other links

  • Can't believe this works. [The Daily What]
  • Cupcakes are good no matter how you make them, however, it would be interesting to try a cupcake made by men for men. [Butch Bakery]
  • Mashups vs. remixes. Apocalypse Pooh is pretty good.[URLesque]


You think the big boys do this after wins? It's been a good year for USA hockey, let's keep it going.


Poor College Student in the house for the weekend shift.