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Your Angry Late Night Poll

Howdy all. As I was talking to a buddy of mine this eve and our conversation turned to the topic of "How is that blog of yours?" I could not help but tell him that:

  1. I hate our affiliation with our affiliate.
  2. I only find joy in angry posts.
  3. If I could post ridiculous video for no reason in every post and simulaneously anger our affiliate with angy cursy words that I might actually find joy again.

His advice? Fuck everyone. Fuck every fucking one.

So boom goes your dynamite, bitches. Epic Beard Man hates you, wants a Chinaman to shine his shoes and is about to make you leak and call for Amber Lance an about 30 seconds.

Here is your late night poll. Go to the jump if you want to see a video that got nothing to do with nothing. Or maybe two.

But first, answer that poll. Because we want you to answer the poll, not because the NETWORK wants you to answer it.

99 Problems, being your bitch ani't one.