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Backes and Co. Take on Canada's Finest: USA vs. Canada GDT

For American puckheads who wait for the Winter Olympics every 4 years, a matchup like this is a "can't miss." Even for those who are less enthusiastic about the Games, a matchup of this caliber has to pique your interest a little bit, eh, Gallagher?

For some pre-game reading, take a look at Rutherford's latest article concerning how NHL teammates handle a teammate on "the other side."

The Globe-Democrat has a couple of reads. One via the AP, concerning the potential for the Red, White, and Blue to lose the "underdog" status with a W. Second one concerns our Johnson enjoying his Olympic experience. Wonder if he's enjoying those curling condoms?

A game such as this deserves a National Anthem and since I can't find a decent quality video of Charles Glenn, enjoy the Super Bowl version of the Anthem as sung by Whitney Houston. Yes, it was lip synced. No, I do not care.

As I was texting Gallagher, here's hoping we embarrass the Canadians. Like "back in '77 when (they) got caught fucking their cousin(s)" embarrassed.

This is your GDT. Make America and Game Time proud.