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Tuesday links: No. 1 seeded links on the internet edition

Links? Links. Let's do it.

Blues news

Olympic news

  • Team America beating Canada was not a miracle. The Yanks are a GOOD team. [Huffington Post]
  • If NBC cared about hockey, they would do the ole soft feature on Bobby Ryan. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Team USA is the No. 1 overall seed in hockey. They will play the winner of Switerland/Belarus at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. Guess who is taking off work on Wednesday? Me, if you didn't get that. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Creating an 8th super Olympic team out of the worlds spare parts — not a bad team. [Behind the Net]
  • Jack Johnson gets what it means to be part of a team. As a member of team USA, he's ignoring his Kings teammates who play for other countries. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Roberto Luongo is in, Martin Brodeur is out. Smart move for Canada, Luongo is a better netminder right now. [ESPN]
  • Brian Burke is never happy. He wants guys not named David Backes (or Ryan Miller or Brain Rafalski) to play better. I agree. [ESPN]
  • Ryan Miller outplaying Brodeur was not good for Team Canada. [CTV]
  • Jeremy Roenick says my bad, admits the Chris Drury was an awesome Olympic choice. [Puck Daddy]


Other links

  • Ever wanted to listen to N.W.A. but were annoyed with all the normal words getting in the way of the awesome swear words? Well, now you can. [Ni9e]
  • Facebook has brought us so much fail. [Manofest]
  • From Answer Man: Boner is missing. Totally thought this was something else in the e-mail, but no, the actor who played Boner on "Growing Pains" has gone MIA. [Wonderwall]
  • Some pretty amazing coincidences in history. [Cracked]


Team America vs. Team Canada was a lot like Daniel-san vs. the Cobra Kai. Canada tried to sweep the leg, but failed.