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Swiss Cheese vs. Team America GDT

A nation so peaceful and neutral, they expect to win at hockey today?
A nation so peaceful and neutral, they expect to win at hockey today?

The U.S. Olympic hockey team has enjoyed a couple days off since vanquishing Canada on home soil. They made the ground maple leaf red. And then they watched and waited for their next opponent, the traditionally neutral Switzerland.

Let's be honest here, folks. Jonas HIller is the Swiss national team. Their goaltender has stolen games for them, like their shootout win Tuesday that put them in the game against the U.S. today. The guys in red, white and blue need to get in Hiller's kitchen, make him feel the pressure and not let up. They do that and they can make plans for the semifinals on Friday.

Here in the Central Division, we don't see Ryan Miller that much. And that's probably a good thing. Dude is rock solid. He's calm under pressure, he doesn't over commit as the angle changes and he's got a quick glove. Plus he doesn't make horrible decisions with playing the puck like Martin "I'll Be Here On The End Of The Bench If You Need Me" Brodeur and he doesn't look like a greaser from West Side Story like Roberto "Bobby Lou" Luongo.

Watch the ice time for defenseman Erik Johnson. He's playing at the end of periods and during tense situations. Ron Wilson's confidence with him has grown just over the short course of the tournament. And let's hope David Backes is ready to rip some Swiss Miss' head off.

This game starts a hectic day of hockey with the big matchup everyone will be watching: Russia vs. Canada. We'll have a separate thread up for that sucker.

So hang here for a couple hours. The game is at 2 p.m. CST, live on NBC. Unless you live on the West Coast. Then you'll watch it on tape delay. The same time as the Canada/Russia game on CNBC. I don't understand it either.

Team America, Fuck Yeah! This is your game day thread. It bleeds red, white and blue, do you?