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Thursday links: Miller > Hiller edition

I watched four hockey games yesterday. It was awesome.

Blues/hockey news

  • Anthony Peluso is going to Alaska. And that concludes your Blues news. [OurSports Central]
  • Nashville has chosen Pekka Rinne to be its No. 1 goalie. [TSN]
  • The Stars put Alex Auld on waivers. He's a backup goalie, so I'm going to assume the Blues will put in a claim for him.[TSN]
  • I hate the Tampa Bay Lightning. Assistant coach Wes Walz was fired, but the head coach, Rick Tocchet, didn't like the move. [TSN]

Olympic news

  • Results from Wednesday, plus today's schedule. The US women take on the Canadian women for the gold. [NBC]
  • Even with Switzerland hanging around, the States stuck to its game plan and came out a winner. [ESPN]
  • Team America 2, Jonas Hiller 0.[ESPN]
  • Watching Ryan Miller wins games, it makes me wish the Blues had a goalie who was truly elite. [WaPo]
  • If you aren't NBC, you have to go to great lengths to talk to Olympians. [NY Mag]
  • The Team USA bandwagon is pretty full. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Fuck it, we'll do it live! NBC to show Friday's game against the Finns live for everyone. [LA Times]
  • Canada took Russia out back for a good ass beating. [ESPN]
  • The Russians entered the tournament all big and scary. They leave outed as a fraud. Terrible game for the Reds last night. [Puck Daddy]
  • Mike Milbury is a disgrace. He tries to be edgy and controversial, but he comes off as just a moron. [Mediaite]
  • Things I didn't know before I had the links gig -- speaking off, last Saturday was the one-year link-a-versary -- Answer Man reads gossip blogs. He sent along these pics of Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff that are everywhere. [The Superficial]

Other links

  • This is nerdy, but cool. An interactive scale to see just how big (or small) things are. [Documaga]
  • Ever thought Wikipedia articles were too long? This site is for you. [Ten Word Wiki]
  • Police sketch artists are sometimes terrible at their jobs. Finding a good cartoonist is hard. [Huffington Post]
  • Admiral Ackbar would be a pretty cool mascot. [Not a Trap]


The United States plays Finland in a big game in the Olympics. Where have I seen that before?

Saw this a week ago, but forgot about it. Thanks to Simpson316 for passing this along.