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The Late Night Poll. Self-Applying Some Shit.

There are strict rules about nicknames. If you do not know these rules or disobey these rules, well, then you are not cool enough to have a nickname. They are:

  1. You may not self-apply a nickname. No matter how bad you want people to call you The Executioner, it's just not going to happen if you suggest it.
  2. Your old nickname? Yeah, that's not what we're gonna call you. If you tell everyone in college (at your first job) that back in high school (college) they used to call you Shizzle, it's a 100% lock that you will never be called Shizzle again. If, on the other hand, your nickname used to be Ogre and we find out about it without you telling us? Well, guess, what, Ogre?
  3. The harder you fight any nickname, the more likely it'll stick. This is why you know guys nicknamed Boner, Stump, Sticky and Sally.

Which brings us to the late night poll. Instead of me giving you options, you tell me what're the best nicknames and worst nicknames you've personally seen applied and forever used. Give us the story or make us guess: your choice.

The comments await you, Cheese.