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Finland Vs. Team America Semifinal GDT

For some reason the Olympic schedulers have screwed the U.S. men's hockey team one last time.

Team America takes the ice today at 2 p.m. CST. Now I can understand that they're saving Canada's semifinal game tonight for prime time. I get that. But why can't both games be in prime time? If you look at the schedule, every single U.S. game has been the first game of the day - except when they played Canada. That blows.

Ryan Miller is awesome. I'm sure the Canadian fans will be cheering for Finland. Can't wait.

I think U.S. fans should worry a little about Finnish goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff. He could throw a monkey wrench in the gold medal game hopes for the Americans.

Look, it's Friday afternoon. It's a big game for team USA. Good luck finding a way to watch. Follow along here if you can. For God's sake, don't get fired.

This is your semifinal game day thread. Don't let it down, make it feel like a gold medal game.