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Friday links: Hoping David Backes takes care of Finland again.

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Hope the laser-toting Canuck fan is in the crowd today. USA! USA! USA!

I know when this happened, the Americans lost, but I just want to see David Backes destroy someone again.

Blues/Hockey news

Olympic news

  • USA vs. Finland and Canada vs Slovakia. Let's get it on. [CTV]
  • It's the Young Yanks vs. the Old Finns. [WSJ]
  • Scott Burnside says Team USA is extra douchey -- I mean, he said they are like Ryan Kesler. [ESPN]
  • According to Jim Johannson, Team American and Finland play very similar style. [USA Today]
  • A look at the four remaining countries' chances at winning gold. [Behind the Net]
  • Craig Custance has no need for today's games, he's already peering into the future. [MSNBC]
  • Canada women beat the USA 2-0 on Thursday night. We're No. 2! [ESPN]
  • The IOC doesn't like people celebrations with booze and cigars. If you can't celebrate by getting drunk, how can you celebrate? [ESPN]
  • Hey look, the head of the IOC says women's hockey needs to be more competitive if it wants to stay in the games. [Vancouver Sun]

Other links


I spent an hour trying to find a video of Homer doing the USA chant. Alas, I could not. Instead, you'll have to settle for Rocky, the ultimate underdog, kicking some ass. USA! USA!


That's it for me today. Poor College Student has the weekend shift. gametimelinks(at)

Rock, flag and eagle!