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Saturday Links: Pavol was THIS Close to Being "Hoppy" Edition

Holy crap, that was a quarter of an inch from being a chance (albeit a small one) at a USA/ Slovakia final! Of course, the Mighty Ducks movie taught me that a quarter of an inch the other way misses entirely.

Instead, we get the chance to prove that we are, indeed, THE supreme power in international hockey against Canada. Oh well, somehow we'll manage.

Blues News:

Team USA News:

NHL News:

Olympic News:

  • Doug Wickenheiser's cousin, Hayley, says "Get real..." regarding the Canadian Women's Team's Gold medal victory celebration. Frankly, that's all the explanation I need.
  • Pavol missed it by THAAAAT much. Canada/Slovakia recap.

Other Stuff:


First, a brief message on Canada from Peter Griffin, via Averagejoe

And I have but one question to ask Team Canada: "You gonna fuck on meeeEEEEHHH?!?!?!"

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