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Overrated Team From Chicago @ Blues GDT

Look, I can see the standings. I know how good the Blackhawks are. That's not why we're here. This is St. Louis Game Time. Remember that.

The Blackhawks come into tonight's game after losing 2-1 in a shootout against Phoenix Friday night. The Blues lost their last game Thursday at home against San Jose 4-2. So both teams might be looking to show what they can do tonight after the Blues won in Chicago Wednesday night 3-2.

Tonight will be kind of odd. About 30 of the people who run/frequent Second City Hockey are in town for the game. There has been promise of beer before, during and after the game. Remember, the liver is evil. It must be punished. And bail money is temporary, but proving a point lasts forever.

I'm writing this rather early in the day because of the festivities. I don't know any roster changes, starting goaltenders, nothing. All I know is I expect a raucous crowd, big time energy and a good game. I'm really, really hoping for some T.J. Oshie on Jonathan Toews violence, a little bit of blowing up the Chicago goaltender and a frustrated mustache behind the Hawk bench.

Here's a question to get you started: Who is your least favorite/most hated Hawk of all time. After really thinking back and examining my deep-seated emotions, I at first narrowed it to three names: Ed Belfour, Chris Chelios and Bob Probert.

Eddie the Eagle was actually fun to watch because he could never control himself. He'd slash a guy or break his stick, yell at his own teammates. The Bellllll-fourrrrrr chants actually worked on him. So I kind of liked seeing him every game against Chicago. Chris Chelios was mean, but he could play. Probert, when he wasn't arrested for drug trafficking, was the most feared fighter in the league. Chelios and Probert also played for both the Wings and Hawks, doubly earning dislike status. But Chelios was a much bigger threat to the Blues. Plus he looked like he had mob ties.

How about you?

That's it. Get your beverages ready, maybe a Super Bowl Eve snack. Settle in and get ready to break some shit in the comments. This is your game thread. This is where the magic happens.