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Blues @ Snowy Mountain Catastrophe GDT

Is the nickname Avalanche the oddest in professional sports? Sure Heat and Magic are odd and of course Maple Leafs. But an avalanche is a deadly force of nature that's awkward to write about in the plural. Maybe it's just me.

As we just learned in the pregame, T.J. Oshie is centering the top line with Andy McDonald and the Inglorious David Backes. Are the Blues learning to live without Paul Kariya? As John Kelly said, "When you don't score goals you need to change things up." Apparently changing the entire lineup is like out of the question, or something.

Kariya is down on the rejuvenation line with Jay McClement and B.J. Crombeen. Hopefully their healing powers still work.

The Avalanche are one of the surprising teams in the west (along with Phoenix) and arguably hold a playoff spot everyone thought the Blues would claim before the season. The Blues haven't always played well in Denver (remember the game two Decembers ago when Hannu Toivonen allowed some goals, was yanked, was put back in and allowed more in a huge loss? Yeah, fun times.

I'm still pissed about Saturday night. Discuss.

This is your game day thread, also known as group therapy. Let's work it out. Hi, my name is Brad and I'm a Blues fan.