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Tuesday links: Letting in soft goals at a frighting rate edition

By the team you finish these links, five more savable shots will have slid past Chris Mason.

Blues news

Hockey news

Other links

  • Translations can be tricky. [ManoFest]
  • From Baroose: An Australian man swallowed 18 swords at once. I don't want to know how he practices this, but I know Kris Draper wants to meet him. [KSDK]
  • Some products that exist are questionable at best. Some, like the toilet putter, are just awesome. [Uncoached]


I wish something like this would happen in the NHL. Also, let's get some Swedish karma for tonight.

Lastly, to borrow a line from Poor College Student, I'll stop posting this video when I get tired of it ... which well be never.